The koljash story .....  a new chapter dawns

FROM June 2015 - koljash is taking up residence in Milawa, in the north east of Victoria. The first official 'gourmet region' in Australia, and situated at the top end of the King Valley, we are within walking distance of the famous and highly esteemed Brown Brothers winery, the Milawa Cheese Company, and Milawa Mustards. 

Just a short drive from Mt Buffalo and Falls Creek, we've also landed in the hub of waterfowl breeding in Victoria.

We'll be looking forward to settling in and getting to know this idyllic region a whole lot better! 

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.... from humble beginings we come ....

Situated near Donald on the vast agricultural plains of the Wimmera region in Victoria, the koljash 'brand' originated in 2007 with Arabian and then Welsh and Riding Ponies, with a number of ponies currently still on the family property.  The interest in waterfowl however began years back when in high school.


Waterfowl breeds were more readily accessible back in the 1990s and Silver Appleyard, Rouen, Campbell, Saxony, Buff Orpington, Muscovy, Pekin and Elizabeth ducks were bred and shown with success at both agricultural and Poultry club shows.  Many champion Heavy and light breed sashes were won with Rouen, Buff Orpington and Elizabeth ducks.


When returning to waterfowl, the Elizabeth was an obvious choice, being not only an Aussie bird, but beautifully and intricately marked.  Obtaining quality stock proved problematic in the beginning  and  birds had to be sourced and obtained from interstate and blended with the best of the existing flock. They're certainly a project breed with the added challenge of getting the colour just so.  With 3rd gen ducks now on the ground, it seems like we're headed in the right direction, with some impressive show results already in season Twenty13 - including the Lance Ruting Perpetual Trophy for Champion Elizabeth at the Victorian Waterfowl Association feature show.  A koljash bred Elizabeth was also Champion Elizabeth at the VWA Spectacular show, making 2014 a back to back win. 


After an extensive hunt, Pekins of the Armstrong/Burke line were obtained, and blended with other blood to produce a  unique koljash line. Silver Appleyard Miniature , Rouen Clair, Saxony and Mallard (natural and blue fawn)as well as Orpington and Wyandotte bantams  have been added more recently, and enable koljash to cover heavy, light and bantam waterfowl and soft feather bantam  classes at shows.  Some of these breeds are very rare today, and with good quality specimens even more difficulty to find, koljash feels privileged to promote these further.


 Look around the website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There‚Äôs much more to come!

Our Outlook

At koljash, we believe that birds should not just be aesthetically pleasing but consistent with breed standard as per Australian Poultry Standards, 2nd edition (APS2).  We believe that as 'caretaker' of a pure breed, starting with and aiming for birds of the highest calibre is a must.


Foundation stock  was therefore purchased from breeders of renown, whose established and proven lines and show results speak for themselves over time.  In most instances, we have not stuck with any given line, instead blending to freshen the genetic pool, and create our own unique line.

 We endeavour to attend   waterfowl and poultry shows every year; to promote and campaign our chosen breeds, and exhibition waterfowl and poultry in general.  While no breed is genetically perfect, our sales birds are true representatives of their breed.