it's been a little while.......   HELLO twenty19

FOUR years later, we're back.... just not in the way we thought!

We've been working on a few projects, and trying to finalise some plans, but the good news is that poulty/waterfowl are again on the mind!

PLEASE NOTE  In the interest of a smooth and hassle free transaction, koljash would like to make the following known.  A 50% deposit (non-refundable) is required at time of sale and prior to picking up birds. Banking details provided on request. While intra/interstate transport can be arranged, this is up to purchaser to arrange.  Birds must be collected within 2 weeks of deposit unless other arrangements are made prior.  Bird well being and comfort is a priority .   

SUMMER has sprung again, in Twenty16

It's hard to believe that it's taken just on 12 months to be putting words on the page. THANKYOU to the many who have checked in and enquired about our poultry over the past year.  Unfortunately, plans don't always come to fruition (many thanks to the trifecta of landlord, real estate and co-tenant), and sinister visitors at dusk put paid to those remaining plans.

With the visitation of Wile E Fox, the loss of the entire breeding team of Elizabeth was surely a savage blow.

While Mallards and Abacot Ranger/Welsh Harlequin stock remained, it simply was no longer viable to continue with breeding plans with stock that resided 50km away.

There is some comfort taken in the fact that the few remaining Elizabeth have gone to a new home in South Australia, having left the next generation in another breeder's hands. Mallards have scooted across the state, and Welsh Harlequins have found a new home in Queensland as well as Victoria.

For now, please enjoy the information and lovely photos of the breeds we once kept, and showed successfully.  I am always happy to 'chat duck' and point you in the right direction (as much as I am able) to find the little quackers that you're after.  If you happen to see me popping my head in to a show,  say g'day!! 

                                                                                                                                                                            Maybe one day....  


SPRING 2thousand+15

- for sale -


a trio of Mallard ducks - this includes the Champion Blue Fawn drake  at the 2015 RMPS, and a couple of young ducks from an unrelated bloodline. The blue fawn is a strikingly coloured bird, and we're happy to offer the new owners some excellent stock to start with. Both blue fawn and normal mallard will be produced. $120 trio.

a pair of Abacot Ranger type ducks - the duck is pure for the Abacot breed and the drake carries one brown dilution gene, meaning that females pure for Welsh Harlequin will also be produced. Great egg layers - with top honour of Grand Champion plate of eggs at the 2015 RMPS produced by these guys!  $50 pair SOLD

a pair of Mallard ducks - a Silver drake and Blue Fawn duck.  Ready to compliment someone's existing program - $80 pair SOLD

With the show season over for another year - in which we achieved some very decent results in a quite disruptive and trying time - the focus is now turning towards the next generation, albeit in a different capacity this year.  All bloodstock are currently offsite, making direct input somewhat complicated.

The show season itself brought some very unexpected results, including Champion and Reserve Champion Waterfowl eggs, and the Gold Medallion for Grand Champion eggs (the entire section).

Some winners for koljash in 2015 -

Welsh Harlequin duck,  best of breed @ Essendon Poultry Club's waterfowl feature show; Grand Champion plate of eggs; Elliot the Elizabeth drake, 1st placed old Elizabeth @ RMPS 2015, and rosette and Gold Medallion haul from the 2015 RMPS.

We did it again - back to back to back .... and more... at the VWA Annual Spectacular show

GOT THE TRIFECTA - koljash is rapt to have taken out the top Elizabeth honour - the Lance Ruting Perpetual Trophy - at the VWA's annual waterfowl Spectacular show in 2015 - making it the 3rd time running. With just on 400 entries and exhibitors from South Australia, New South Wales, and Tasmania joining Victorian exhibitors, the show is truly turning into a showcase of waterfowl.  This year, Brian Benett, judging bantam waterfowl chose our old normal Mallard duck as his Champion waterfowl, and she went to be 3rd in Show..... a top result and even better as it was not anticipated!

Only 2 more shows for our season, we're hoping the team continue their winning ways.  Click 2015 season results for more details

FROM ABOVE: Old Elizabeth duck - Best of Breed, Champion Elizabeth, and Res. Ch Light Waterfowl; the Lance Ruting Perpetual Shield - exhibitor's trophy and sash; old Mallard duck - Best of Breed [normal mallard], Champion Mallard, Champion Bantam Waterfowl and overall 3rd best in show (400 entries); Welsh Harlequin young drake - Best of Breed; the Ken Wust Memorial Trophy for champion Mallard exhibit.

just as the seasons change, we do too.

Relocating a household is an arduous task, and more so when there's a plethora of poultry breeds and poultry related products that have to move as well.

We significantly cut down or birds and breeds prior to moving and as a result do not currently keep a number of breeds displayed across the site.


No longer running guinea fowl or any dryland poultry breeds

Not currently breeding Pekin, Saxony, Rouen Clair or Miniature Silver Appleyard ducks,  although retaining an active interest in our stock - many of our breeding birds have been 'leased' to breeders interstate to assist their breeding programs, and we look forward to these returning at a later date.

ADDITIONALLY, and as mentioned below, we will be looking at providing fertile eggs from our Welsh Harlequin ducks ... the young birds had started to lay but disruptions associated with moving have put this off for a while.   AND....  while we have significantly reduced our stock,  there's still too many.

We'll have a select number of quality birds from our winning Elizabeth and Mallard breeing teams available - including a blue fawn female.

Show seasons always seem to come around quickly, and this year is no different. With the relocation still in progress, koljash will be attending less shows than in previous years, and with less breeds and birds on show. Already, we've achieved Reserve Bantam WF with a young normal Mallard @ Benalla and District PC, and Champion & Reserve Champion Light WF @ Wangaratta with  two Elizabeth ducks.

A SNEAK PEEK of the photoshoot for an upcoming issue of OrganicLife magazine (, a subscription only publication recently launched in Australia. We think the ducks look pretty amazing in Peter Johnston's garden @ Castlemaine, Vic ... even though they're still in eclipse plumage.   Featured are 3 harlequin ducks and the Abacot drake.

koljash is on the move! - west and north, and east....

Brewing for some time, but not far from launching now (May 2015)  a change is coming - we're off to the North-east of Victoria, and setting up camp in the Wangaratta area!

Part of the difficulty in relocating from a farming area is the number of breeds and/or birds that can be retained and sustained, so for a while now, birds have been sold on or loaned elsewhere.. The Pekins will soon be off to Qld, the mini Apps are staying another season in SA, but it's  hoped that one day we will again run these breeds, Saxony and Rouen Clair under our banner, but for now, change has necessitated these reside elsewhere, and are being put to good use by other breeders.     Fortunately, we have a promising collection of Mallard, Ranger and Harlequin and Elizabeth youngsters coming through - so keep your eyes out for these breeds in the show pens in 2015 - and say g'day!

For the first time EVER, coming in 2015 ...

in the coming months, koljash has a few exciting developments taking place.    We had an excessive amount of Welsh Harlequin  eggs last year, both before and after our breeding requirements.   There were only so many we could cook with, and give to family, and feed to the cats, .....  and they kept on coming.  So, in 2015 we plan on offering fertile WH eggs for sale.

Stay tuned.   If you're already certain you'd like some hatching eggs,  please contact us to advise of your interest and we'll place you on our wait list!


SUMMER twothousand&15

RIGHT.   Alright.  The supermarkets have been bombarding us since early New Year, but now .....  it's actually not too far from Easter itself.  

Pictured at left are our home-made hot cross buns, ready to go into the oven.   HCB are good - home made even better!  Can't beat that aroma either...  enough to make any man (or his dog) drool!!

Check out our recipes by clicking on the link to view the finished product, and find out how to impress your loved ones by greeting them with your very own, home made hot cross buns.   Delish!

Are We Not Pretty Enough? .... On the contrary, ladies!

One of the things we often read, or overhear, is that people do not want to keep Mallard ducks, as the females are just too 'drab' when compared to other breeds.

We consider that the intricacy of markings of warm honey and dark brown to rival that of the pencilled breeds of fowl - and provides wonderful camouflage - kind of important when you're a wild duck sitting on a nest!

The ducks to the right are 2014 season; look closely and you'll see the claret bibs of the normal and blue fawn drakes appearing.  The ducks too, change considerably in adult plumage - beautiful indeed.

- for sale -

       FEBRUARY 2015

6 pairs of Elizabeth ducks.     2014 season birds,  somewhat ratty due to minimal handling currently.   For sale as we had a bumper year with our Lizzies, and these are surplus to requirements.  Bred from our successfully performed breeding group, these youngsters will continue to change colour as they mature, and have potential to end up in the show pen.     An opportunity to secure stock of a unique bloodline in Victoria. $60 per pair   SOLD

2 Mallard drakes - 2014 season.    1 x normal, 1 x blue fawn.  Bred from quality stock as part of our duck-lease with another breeder in Sth Aust,  these drakes should mature nicely, and add some fresh bloodlines.    Due to it's inheritance of one blue dilution gene, the blue fawn drake will also breed normal coloured mallards if bred to a normal duck. $25 each currently.     No females  available at this stage.   SOLD

Refer also to Lot 4 and Lot 5 from December, below.  These birds remain available for purchase.   SOLD

Further information for the Elizabeth and Mallard ducks .can be found by clicking on the links.

                               ***********************   *******************************   ******************   ********************************   *********************

THE group of ducks here are the 2014 Welsh Harlequin and Abacot Ranger which koljash are currently developing.

Subtle differences between the 2 genetic types - the WH has the brown dilution from it's Khaki Campbell background - which in this pic is most obviously seen in the differences in colour of the speculum.  Compare the duck in the middle to the one to the right of her.

While still juveniles, these birds are showing promise, and will undergo a number of changes yet.

those darn foxes ...

when running poultry or waterfowl, no one is exempt from the risk of loss of stock, through aerial or land predation.  We're lucky here that we don't have quolls, devils, dingoes or wild dogs, but we do have hawk and eagle, and fox pay a visit from time to time.  

Several months ago, koljash lost both black orpington bantam pullets within a short time frame, to a fox, just on dusk and as the chooks were coming in to roost for the evening.  'That's ok' we said, as the trio of blue orps were still safe. 

It seems like Christmas is not the only time for visitors, with the rooster going missing in the morning of Boxing Day,  with a pair of wedge-tailed eagles being blamed, until the remnants of the roo and fox prints were discovered in the adjoining paddock. Just on dusk, the guineas were kicking up an enormous racket, and by chance I sprung a 4 legged visitor making off with a guinea hen in its jaws.  The guinea was lucky enough to survive the ordeal, but unfortunately both blue hens became fox tucker that night. 

as we hadn't got to hatching any Orpingtons this season,  we do not currently carry this breed of fowl.

- for sale -

       DECEMBER 2014

For the first time, koljash can offer a number of youngsters for sale, while still in juvenile plumage.  We have:

LOT 1: 8 pairs of ELIZABETH ducks, 2014 bred.  From our successful show team,  these young ducks will kick start your introduction to this beautiful Australian breed.  A number of these will be ready to compete in season 2015, while others will be better suited to the show circuit in 2016.  This is due to lack of marking on wing coverts currently - something that will rectify in the duck's 2nd year.  Currently available for $70 a pair.     .SOLD

LOT 2: From the Abacot Ranger and Welsh Harlequin breeding programs - a number of young females.  These lovely birds will keep you in eggs through the year, and are for sale now as they don't meet our stringent requirements for the breed.  They will certainly look beautiful in the garden, and will lay creamy-white eggs up to 80+g.      Please note, no males are available.  $25 each.       SOLD

LOT 3: Normal and Blue Fawn Mallard pairs.  Bred from our sucessfully shown birds, these youngsters are true to type and should compete well in 2015.  Some pairs will be made of a blue fawn and a normal,  offering you the chance to breed both colour varieties in the future. $60 a pair.  SOLD

LOT 4: A trio of exhibiton Pekins.  This includes the very well performed drake, Christian, and his daughter.  For further details, check here.  RRP $400,  end of season clearance at $250.    SOLD

LOT 5:  Khaki Campbell drake,  Aker's Flock bred..  $5

LOT 6:  A group of trout patterned birds, from the defunct Rouen Clair project.  On offer is a trout female, blue trout female and trout and white female.  These birds have been consistent layers throughout 2014, and have been reliable broodies.  Best described as backyard ducks, these birds are available as a group only, $60.



An egg a day, please??

The Welsh Harlequin duck is renowned for being a super egg laying machine,  as good as the Khaki Campbell.   Truth be told, it IS a Khaki Campbell, but for the harlequin phase genes.    Our ducks, originally purchased just to keep us in eggs for longer throughout the year, have excelled at this.    While records hadn't been kept, supply often outweighed demand.

We recently started keeping records, and the result is most impressive.  The previous 3 weeks, a total of 60 out of a possible 63 eggs had been laid.  By week 4, the tally was 79 out of 84, equivalent of 26/28 for 2 ducks and 27/28 for the 3rd!

        check here for more results and to read more about the attractively coloured Welsh Harlequin.

kEgen4.0 has arrived

The first Elizabeths for 2014 have just arrived, and with a proven track record fingers are crossed for the fourth gen's success.

At left, hour old ducklings displaying differences in bill colour, and right, a group relax in the brooder box before returning to their champion mum.

- for sale -

    OCTOBER 2014

1 pair of ELIZABETH ducks, 2013 season bred.  $50 pair.

a GROUP of coloured ducks -  backyard quality birds that will look great in the garden, and remove bugs, snails and unwanted pests.  $40    SOLD

1 pair of BLUE FAWN MALLARD; these birds have shown successfully for koljash and for sale only to make room. Also available is a NORMAL MALLARD female.  $120 trio, or $80 pair of blue fawn.     SOLD

We don't generally sell DUCKLINGS, ...  BUT...  this season there are a number of miscoloured ducklings available, from the above coloured group.   Currently 2-3 weeks old, for sale at $5 each unsexed,  more as they mature.  SOLD

Recently approached by  Megg Miller, the editor of Australasian Poultry magazine (and Grass Roots) to write an article on managing waterfowl in a hot, dry environment, it was an honour to talk about the set up here, and even more so when one of the pics ended up gracing the front cover.

This beautiful Silver Appleyard Miniature duck is currently part of the 'duck swap' with another breeder interstate, to enable them to introduce some new blood into their program.

OUT NOW - available from newsagencies across the country.

It's been an abnormally dry Winter, with August providing very little rain.  12 months ago, the ducks had more green feed than they could keep up with; this year it's already dried off in several of the yards.   Nevertheless, as we welcome Spring, the show boxes are packed away for another year, breeding groups are sorted and the first ducks are settled on eggs.  The Welsh Harlequins have been laying regularly for months now, with some very tasty duck egg mayonnaise and meringues being the result!   A little bit of a neglected page, be sure to check the recipe page to try these out for yourself!

The next few weeks should bring about the next stage of the Rouen Clair project, with hopefully some good trout ducklings on the way.   We also anticipate a number of Saxony from the blue trout pairing.

WINTER twentyfourteen

- for sale -

       AUGUST 2014 

Lot 1:    2 Mallard ducks, normal colour..  2013 season ducks.  For sale only due to a skewed duck:drake ratio.    Not yet shown, these birds will potentially do well - our natural mallards have completed and won their class at VWA and RMPS level.      $30 each.  SOLD

Lot 2:   A pair of Mallard ducks, blue fawn drake and normal duck.    2013 season bred.  Not commonly seen, the attractive blue fawn colour is due to one blue dilution gene.  This pair will breed both blue fawn and normal coloured offspring.   The drake has competed successfully at the Royal Melbourne Poultry Show and others in 2014.              $70 pair

                                               Click here to see more on both the natural and blue fawn mallards @ koljash

Lot 3:  2 Silver Appleyard Miniature females.   2013 bred.  Not shown, due to space limitations, and some slight colouring issues.  Like many Appleyards, these lovely girs may throw some colour however are well on the way and will be a great start to a new breeder up for a challenge of breeding to standard!.  Guaranteed correctly coloured as ducklings, and displaying evidence of MR genes.     $50 each.   SOLD

Lot 4:   1 Welsh Harlequin duck.   This breed is proving to be a fantastic layer, of creamy-white eggs, weighing on average 60-70 grams.  This duck is correctly marked for a WH female, displaying the bronze speculum as the breed standard demands.    $30      SOLD


Taking to it like ... well... ducks to water,  one of the benefits of showing ducks is letting them take care of the cleaning themselves:  just add water and a bit of sunshine, and the basic preparation is done in a fraction of the time!   Pictured below are some of our birds that represented koljash at the Royal Melbourne Poultry Show (RMPS).   It rained most of the trip to Melbourne the following day, so was very appreciative of the winter sunshine.

The 2014 show season is passing quickly, and it's been another successful year with a number of pleasing results have come our way.   While shows provide a wonderful opportunity to showcase our stock, it's just as enjoyable planning for the next season's hopefuls and with only 1 or 2 shows remaining for us this year, it's getting time to pull out the pencil and plan just who's going to be running with who.  

koljash is proud to have sent our ducks to Tasmania, Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia as well as across Victoria and look forward to hearing of the new owner's successes.  A recent venture saw the 'duck swap' of a number of bantam ducks and we're both excited about the opportunity this affords - to introduce fresh blood - and we'll welcome our birds back for 2015.

Lance Ruting Perpetual Trophy  - Back to back at the VWA Inc. Spectacular!

The Victorian Waterfowl Association Inc. held its annual Spectacular on 7th June.  The Alexandra Poultry Club pavilion has fantastic pens and lighting , with no bird in shadow. koljash had a great day, bringing home Champion Bantam Silver Appleyard,  Champion Blue Fawn Mallard and Champion Elizabeth awards.  

The Elizabeth went on to become the overall Champion Light Waterfowl,  as well as Champion Elizabeth Exhibit, with the Elizabeth feature held in conjunction.

Last year it was our young drake taking the award, this year it was the lovely duck who took out top honour and making it back to back wins for the Lance Ruting Perpetual Trophy.                                      

for more results, click here  

AUTUMN 20fourteen

Farewell to an old friend

The farm won't quite ever be the same now Navrin has signed out.  He was truly a gentleman of the dog world, endearing himself to all who had the pleasure of being met by him.   Perhaps the most spoilt farm dog ... ever...  his absence will be keenly felt for some time to come.

RIP my dear old mate.  I will miss you.   

Navrin  (19/01/2002 - 03/05/2014)

The koljash show team has been assembled for 2014, with some promising young birds coming along nicely.  With less shows on the VPFA calendar this year, it's been a later start.   Each bird has its own personality, some accepting the process of pen training more readily than others.   Grumpy Duck, anyone!    :)

Each show however, gives that bit more experience, and the birds quickly become accustomed to the process.   Pictured below are some of the up and coming ducks.                                                                                          Click here to check our results for 2014!


While customers frequently state they often want show quality poultry so they can show them later, all too often they disappear into the backyard and never grace a show pen.  It's always a buzz to hear back from those who have purchased our birds and gone on to show them with success - this time an Elizabeth young drake topping his class at the NSW All States Festival of Waterfowl 2014.   Congrats! to the owner.

We recently had the chance to send some guinea fowl and duck feathers off to be the feature of some fascinators (race-day hats).   One of the creators is recovering from treatment for cancer, and has been in awe of the detail in the guinea feathers.  It has been heart warming to know that something which would otherwise have been stomped into the ground has been able to provide such pleasure.


upcycled aprons

 GIVE YOUR FEEDBAGS A NEW LEASE ON LIFE by turning them into an eye-catching and innovative apron!   

 Ideal for poultry related activities - washing,  prepping show birds - or gardening, or mucking stables, or washing the dog, car ...  even baking ...   the list goes on and on. They can also be made to have handy pockets to hold those rags, wipes, nail clippers etc.

Hoseable, machine-washable, and [!!] ironable, they're an attractive, simple and effective adult-sized accessory that you'll find becomes a valuable (and colourful) part of poultry (or other) life!   For more info, visit:  or see The Waterfowl, newsletter of the Victorian Waterfowl Association

- for sale -

       MARCH 2014

MALLARD - a number of natural females are available - it was very much a lopsided duck:drake ratio this season! (not complaining).   $35 each.


PEKIN duck pair.  2013 bred by successfully shown stock.   For sale only to make room; these birds are developing well and would be expected to make handy show birds themselves.  $175 for the pair currently, likely to increase over time.    SOLD to Queensland.


A backyard quality pair of WELSH HARLEQUIN ducks.   As we decided to stick with the original plan of WH for a supply of duck eggs over the year only,  the drake has become surplus to our requirements.  $20 pair   SOLD.


koljash is encouraged by the amount of interest in our Elizabeth ducks.   Due to unfortunate circumstances where a couple of key females and their offspring were lost to hawk attack and the extreme summer heat,  it is unlikely we'll have further lizzies available until after the RASV in July.     Please contact us  to express an interest in obtaining birds in the future,  or to enquire about other breeds we keep.   :)

Who's line is it anyway?

A question commonly asked  via email or in talking directly to other poultry enthusiasts  is "who's line of birds are your [insert breed here] from?"   There has been a number of articles over time written regarding this, and a variety of views on the topic. While some say their birds are pure "so and so's line", different factors such as feeding, environmental conditions (geographical/husbandry) and knowledge of the breed can (and does) result in these birds looking quite different to the original breeders'.  

It can therefore be said that once those birds are breeding the next generation, they then become that new owner's line. While it is still important to know what the originating lines were,  once bred away from, they no longer qualify as being of that line. 


At koljash,  the majority of our breeds have been sourced and then blended, meaning that the next generation isn't strictly from anyone else's line but are our own distinct breeding.  This is true in fact for all of the waterfowl breeds barring Saxony, and the Orpington and Wyandotte breeds. 

PICTURES ABOVE, L&R - 2013 young birds - Maturing out nicely - Saxony and Pekin, Blue Trout pair, Elizabeth females, & the striking colouring of a young blue fawn Mallard. The Blue Trout pair & Saxony drake were pictured earlier, as day old ducklings.  While all young birds pictured still have some changes ahead, we're looking forward to the season ahead.  The Elizabeth duck @ bottom left, is the same bird pictured top right, several weeks on.

SUMMER Twenty14

- for sale -



Initial selection of future show/breeding team has begun here,  and koljash are pleased to be able to announce some surplus stock available from the following breeds:

PEKIN -  2012 bred pair,  directly related to koljash's well performed Pekin drake - "Christian".  This drake was also shown and placed 2nd in a strong class at the Essendon Poultry Society show.     SOLD  to DUBBO, NSW

               2012 bred females (available individually).  Currently at another well known breeder's, to introduce the now hard-to-find Armstrong bloodline.

               2013 bred pair - by Christian, and from our champion ducks.

ELIZABETH - 2013 young pair - from our very well performed line.    SOLD to DUBBO, NSW

SILVER APPLEYARD MINIATURE -  The drake was Champion bantam at the 2013 VWA youngbird show, and part of the Res Ch breeding pair at the RASV, and duck Res Ch bantam waterfowl at Geelong's Early Show in 2013.     SOLD to TAREE, NSW

MALLARD - young pairs (natural)  and 2012 bred natural and blue fawn mallard ducks.           SOLD

SAXONY - 2013 bred pair - first of this NSW line (Booth) available in Vic.    SOLD

ORPINGTON - 2013 pair in black, or black pullet/blue cockerel  and spare cockerels,  parent stock from Robin McLaren's line.      SOLD 


Also - an opportunity to obtain some females of Blue Trout colouring - excessive to our Blue Clair/Rouen Clair program.  Beautifully coloured birds.    SOLD

Strictly backyard/crossbred birds - these guys will look great in your garden,  eye catchingly coloured, with the bonus of chemical-free pest elimination, fertiliser, and fresh eggs!     SOLD

Please contact us to express and interest in the above birds, or to be placed on a waiting list for when further birds are available.



Breeding season over for another year,  koljash is looking forward with excitement to the months ahead, as the youngsters mature.    


The last ducklings arrived ahead of schedule,  sneaking in at the end of 2013.    It was a special time for nieces and nephew and other family members to witness the miracle of not one but 2 ducklings hatch as they looked on.  

The Elizabeth mum took the attention and distraction in her stride, and is again proving to be a top mother.




- for sale -

end of season clearance - up to 50% discount 

       NOVEMBER 2013

1 pair of Mallard ducks, natural colour.  These have been shown with the drake winning best of breed and Res Champ Bantam waterfowl awards.  Duck has returned to lay. Click here to view pics. $50 pair (normally $70-80)

koljash does not generally sell ducklings but this year we DO have some mixed coloured ducklings for $10 each. Great for cleaning up pests in the garden!

1x brown trout coloured duckling.  She will mature with some white markings also. Added bonus of large white eggs. 

2x farmyard ducklings, will mature to be attractively marked birds. 

3x dark brown ducklings, some with white and 1 x brown trout coloured duckling.                   ALL SOLD


Excess drakes - 2 Elizabeth and 1 Silver Appleyard Miniature.   Kept as backup but not utilised this breeding season.  Appleyard drake was twice Res Ch bantam waterfowl in 2013. $30 each - 50% off 

Trio of farmyard ducks (drake and 2 ducks). Eye catching colouring, great chemical free pest control in the garden.  Young suitable for roasting.  $40 for the trio - massive discount. 

SLW bantam hen and coloured pullet (SL x white). Reliable broodies. $15 each.       Pending SALE 

white Wyandotte bantam pullets. Keirl/Tyers breeding. $15 each.

SPRINGTIME means ducklings!!  After an initially slow start to the season, space is beginning to become a premium here at koljash.

 We rely on natural incubation here, and while this reduces loss of eggs due to power outages,   early in the season the ducks just didn't seem to want to wait the 28 days out.   Fertility has again been excellent this season,  so disappointingly 11-14 semi-developed ducklings were lost each time.    As a result, we have lower than expected numbers of Pekins and Elizabeth,  Saxony and Appleyards at this time.   Rouen Clair hatchlings have been disappointing for their own reasons, but we have a good group of blue Clair growing out nicely.

Still to come are:

Silver Appleyard Miniature, more Saxony and blue Clair and we've recently separated a pair of Elizabeth for further ducklings,  hopefully due around Christmas - always a buzz for the children to handle such a little bundle of furry energy!

Springtime is when it gets REALLY busy!  and we completed the revamped shed, and new poultry yards, just in time for the duckling explosion.   Who doesn't love a baby? Pictured above, Saxony and blue trout, and natural mallard ducklings. 

Australia Post releases Australian Poultry Breeds prestige booklet

Previously mentioned as a project involving the Elizabeth duck,  koljash was approached by Australia Post and asked to provide a number of photos for publication in their prestige booklet, released on 3rd September 2013 in conjunction with Australian Poultry Breeds stamps.   We are thrilled with the booklet, and moreso the promotion of the Elizabeth duck. 


Prestige Booklet $12.95 @ most Australia Post retail outlets. 

above images © Australian Postal Corporation 2013. This material has been reproduced with permission of the Australian Postal Corporation. 


ANNUAL holidays have brought with them the chance to clean up and expand the koljash complex.   Inclement weather affected what could be done each day, but also assisted in other aspects, such as digging holes for foundation posts and in constructing yards.


With birds now residing in the shed, what is old is new again - these sheds were originally built 21 years ago. White ants disintegrated the wall railings, and the ravages of time and the weather took care of most of the rest.  Fortunately,  the pine posts and the roofing supports remained intact, enabling the rebuild to occur that bit quicker.           Click photographic blog to view the transformation.


With a very successful show season completed, focus is now on sorting birds into their various breeding groups, ready for the season ahead.  

Bienvenue sur le Clair canard a la rouennaise.

Translation:  Welcome to the Rouen Clair duck. 

Long term admirers of this beautiful but hard-to-source French duck, koljash is thrilled to have obtained a group of RC's by way of a 'duck swap'. We said farewell to the current VWA champion Elizabeth drake, a duck featured in Australia Post's Australian Poultry Breeds prestige booklet, and one of our foundation Elizabeth ducks (from a line impossible to source directly from today) ... and wish the new owner much pleasure and success with them in the future.

Click here to check out the new arrivals.

- For Sale - 

       JULY 2013

A further (and last for 2013) opportunity to obtain PEKIN ducks of koljash breeding.   Birds from this line have won best of breed, Champion and Reserve Champion and Reserve Bird of Show titles in a limited showing season.    We have 1 Pair  and 2 individual ducks for sale.   SOLD


TRIO of ducks.  Standard saxony,  Elizabeth and a Pekin/Elizabeth cross.    These girls (pictured below) are for sale as a group; and while not suited for showing, will provide you with fresh eggs (great for baking, pavs etc) and pest control in the garden.  All attractively marked, they are 2012 season ducks and should commence laying shortly.  $55 for the three.  SOLD


PAIR of Elizabeth ducks.  A great introduction to the Elizabeth breed.  The drake has been shown several times early in the season with success, and the duck is typically eyecatching in colour but didn't make the show team.  $120 pair.  SOLD



Can't find or missed out on what you're looking for?  Please use the Contact Us form to register your interest for birds in the future.



Koljash bred birds are continuing to perform well at a number of shows across the state,  and at home, after a prolonged and dry summer and autumn the ducks are finally enjoying a green pick. After some delays, the Pekins have come through and it was very pleasing to have a home bred drake take out a Reserve Champ Heavy Waterfowl (from 21 entries) at his 1st outing.  Since then, Christian the drake has gone from strength to strength.



We are always keen to promote our waterfowl breeds and are thrilled to have been involved in an exciting promotional involving the Elizabeth duck.   More details to come soon!!

tribute to a star .......  Rubyduck

top:  RubyDuck,  last show appearance. - Ballarat Poultry Society, May 2013

bottom:  rubyduck's eye 2 days post injury, and 5 days post injury.  Eye treated with chlorsig 1mg  twice daily for 7 days. 



at right:  RubyDuck in her 'carriage' waiting to return to the shed following treatment.

OCCASIONALLY  along comes a duck that earns a special place in the yard, and the heart.  Occasionally, the joys of victory are tempered by a smudge of sadness, and koljash is not immune.  Here's RubyDuck's story:


A special duck from the start, she was AKA gold7, (yellow tag for the best birds, 7 a favourite number) whose potential hadn't been fully recognized before an accident on route to the VWA youngbird show.  It appears that her eyeball was ruptured, effectively taking her out of the day's competition.  A real blow, with many other breeders commending her quality.   With some TLC and treatment twice a day, Ruby as she became known responded well to treatment - the cloudiness clearing in a matter of days - and her delightful personality endeared her to whoever met her.

Three weeks later, Ruby won her class at Ballarat and had been tentatively entered in the RASV show.   A hiccup proved her eye was worse than initially thought and at best, Ruby's contribution would be through way of her contribution to the next generations. .....


Three weeks on, RubyDuck was gone.  A freak accident in her pen put paid to any future breeding plan, and her loss will be keenly felt. Tragically gone,  but her personality never forgotten ...... RIP RubyDuck

AUTUMN 20Thirteen

 - for sale -


        MAY 2013

LOT 1:  a RARE opportunity to obtain a pair of Pekin ducks.  2012 bred and the first of this breeding offered for sale.  Champion lines on both sides of breeding.  For examples of birds, see pics below.  $150  pair.    SOLD


LOT 2:  Silver Laced Wyandotte bantam hen, and 2 pullets from hen by White roo. $25 each. 


LOT 3:  3 x White Wyandotte bantam pullets.   Keirl/Tyers breeding. Only for sale to reduce numbers  Also have 3 x White Wyandotte bantam hens.  G Pearce bloodline. $20 each. SOLD  Pics on Wyandotte page.


LOT 4:  Saxony duck, Large.  Attractively marked however is suitable as a backyard duck only.  $25   


                                                            Please  contact us for further details

PLEASE NOTE : due to a recent buyer default in which birds were transported considerable distance at request, then buyer failed to complete purchase, a 50% deposit (non-refundable) is required prior to picking up birds. Bird well being and comfort is a priority. 

Size matters ....

Weighing in at the lighter end of the scale for Light breeds of duck (the Indian Runner is heavier), the Elizabeth appears diminuative alongside the Pekin.  While these breeds mix amicably, they will be separated once breeding commences, as cross fertilisation is possible.  These pictures highlight the difference between table and utility birds - while said to have sweetly flavoured meat, the Elizabeth would not feed a family.


The Pekin drakes pictured (top right) display the 'mane' for which they are famed,  and both ducks and drakes have looser feathering than other breeds. The feathers on the neck especially add to the appearance of the 'fluffy' duck.


The farm is STILL noisy, even though many young birds have now found new homes - and a few found the deep freeze - with only the Pekins still needing selection.    The first of the koljash show team started their prep at Easter. The first show of the season meant a 4.30am start but was rewarded with some very pleasing results. The birds were mostly young birds, and 1st show for all. Similar results from the 2nd show with birds appearing much more at ease with the situation around them.  Some of the koljash show team are pictured below.                                          Go to Show Results for more info!  




FEATURED in the UK's Practial Poultry magazine is the endearing pic of an Elizabeth duck and Silver Laced Wyandotte bantam mothering their brood together.   Ducklings hatched within 30 hours of each other, and mums peacefully shared duties for several days. 


Submitted late in 2012 and printed in the March 2013 edition (available in Australia April) koljash is proud to have been able to show these beautiful birds to an international public - particularly so as the Elizabeth is not known elsewhere.

SUMMER Twenty13

Even though 2013 has got off to a crazily hot start with many days well over 40 degrees much has been happening at koljash, with initial selection of young birds (elizabeths) and overall quality - of the drakes especially- making this an ardous task. The eldest of the drakes are just starting to colour up, with further selection following this.

With some birds already off to their new homes, and others soon to leave, we've also welcomed a new Silver Appleyard Miniature drake to the team.

It all seems just a bit much for some of our feathered charges. The Pekin duck to the left is quite fine, just napping. The heavy feathering of the neck makes it more difficult for the pekin to tuck its bill under its wing, so rest with their neck on the ground. To the uninitiated, it's hard not to think 'dead duck' but it's a trait peculiar to the breed. 

With breeding over for 2012, the various breeds are running together amicably, with the odd egg thrown in here and there.  The Pekin youngsters are looking promising, and a SLW bantam hen has decided to brave the heat and brood a 3rd batch.  Her eggs this time;  with the Royal Melbourne winning white Wyandotte rooster the sire it's hoped there'll be continued improvement.  Time will tell.


FEBRUARY 2013        


Elizabeth drakes.  From 2012 season, these boys are colouring up well and should make quality exhibition birds if desired. $50-60 each.


3x Pair of young koljash bred Elizabeth ducks (with option of one very 'special' duck thrown in).    Drakes are colouring up and these guys will look great in your yard or on the pond..   Great natural pest control. Goodbye to snails!    $60, $70 and $90 pairs.SOLD


2 Silver Laced Wyandotte bantam hens.   These girls have proven to be good layers and excellent broodies, having raised 2 lots of ducklings each.  They are for sale only as they have become superfluous to need. $20 each or if not sold, will be on offer at Kyneton Poultry Club's Helmsman Auction in March.      SOLD

For more information on current sales birds, and upcoming opportunities, please Contact Us




         JANUARY 2013

Birds sold in packages will, as much as possible, complement each other  in order to allow the next generation (yours) to be further improved.  This means colour differences on body/wings will be noted between individuals, and is due to slight differences within the genetics of the colour form.  Young birds will go though several colour changes to maturity,  and this will also be evident through adult moults.


Lot 1: Pair of Elizabeth ducks.  koljash bloodlines, this lovely marked pair will make a great additon to your backyard. Due to colouring technicalities, they are classed as backyard quality at this stage. $50 pair.         SOLD


Lot 2:  Trio of Elizabeth ducks.  koljash bred, these beautiful ducks will offer a good introduction to this unique Aussie breed, or add some new bloodline into your existing flock. Bred from show birds, these have the potential to compete themselves. $90 trio    SOLD


Lot 3: Pair of Elizabeth ducks.  koljash bloodlines, these young ducks will be great in the backyard. While they will grow into beautifully coloured birds, colouring technicalities mean that for now, they are deemed as backyard quality. $60 pair.              SOLD

Lot 4: koljash bred, these young ducks will mature into beautiful birds, but are for sale at this stage due to colouring technicalities. As a result, they are backyard quality however there is potential for them to better suit show criteria in their 2nd year. $75 trio   SOLD

Lot 5: Trio of Elizabeth ducks. koljash bred, these will mature into beautifully marked ducks, but are for sale as this stage due to colour technicalities. For this reason, they are considered to be backyard quality at this time. They may be suited to show in 2nd year. $75 trio      SOLD





TRIO of Elizabeth ducks.   One pair is direct Michael Holmes blood, the other duck is bred from Kneeshaw lines.   Drake has been shown at VWA youngbird show,  Kyneton and Geelong Poultry Club shows.  The ducks have both raised a brood but likely to return to lay (I hatched birds January 2012).  $125 trio  SOLD

It's been a year for boys  @ koljash, especially with  the elizabeth youngsters.   If you're looking to inject some unrelated blood into your breeding flock, or simply after some organic and natural bug and snail controllers which look good at the same time, we may just have what you're looking for.  An added bonus for  residential areas is that drakes are  hardly heard, unlike a rooster.  Show and backyard boys available in 6-8 weeks, once they are colouring up.   $20-40 each depending on quality. Please contact us anytime with expression of interest

Columbian, black, silver and bichen silkies SOLD to a family from St. Arnaud in Victoria.  We wish you much enjoyment and pleasure from these birds in the future.

SPRING 20twelve

Always a hectic time of year, this season has been more so, with a team of Elizabeths and SLW bantams successfully hatching  seven broods so far, and another 4 to come!  Fertility and hatchability has been very pleasing

Young birds so far are exciting with correct posture in Pekins (see 12 day old duckling @left) and correct colour/markings in the Elizabeth.   The next few months will be full of anticipation as we choose next years show and breeding team.


Stock will be available for purchase in the future.  Please Contact Us to find out more