blue orpington

PLEASE NOTE - for illustrative purposes only. We don't have any in stock following fox attack.




At right: 

2013 season Orpington bantam chickens in black & blue, day old.    The next generation waiting in the wings.

koljash recently acquired blue Orpington bantams.   Their colouring is truly eye catchingly beautiful.   A black Orpington bantam  of the same breeding (McLaren) was also obtained and will assist in breeding future generations.


We have found these birds to be docile and personable,  and full of character!  They roam free around the property and keep an eye on what's happening - they're guilty of stickybeaking, and frequently follow when doing the rounds,  so as to not miss a thing.

Weights for the bantam Orpington:  male - 1.41 - 1.58 kg

                                                         female - 1.19 - 1.36 kg   (APS2)