The Pekin is the quintessential cuddly duck! With their creamy-yellow fluffy and profuse plumage, alert stance, short beak and chubby cheeks, a Pekin in pristine condition is a sight to behold.


Described as the 'duckiest of ducks' (and the inspiration behind Disney's Donald Duck), and its appearance rather fittingly as a short, wide boat standing on its stern, the Pekin is a heavy breed.



APS2 states drakes weigh in at 3.60 - 4.10 kg (8 - 9 lb) and Ducks 3.20 - 3.60 kg (7 - 8 lb).



Pekin ducks in Australia often do not stand as erect as the German Pekin found across Europe, however breeders are working diligently towards this standard. The neck, while moderately long should appear short and thick due to the profuse feathering - the feathers often causing a 'mane'.


  Because of this, Pekins can have difficulty getting their bill tucked under their wing when they sleep and will often sleep with neck outstretched in 'dead duck' pose!


For an interesting read on the Pekin, check out the article in the resources/links page.


At right:

12 week old ducks (left and middle) and drake, showing a promise of things to come.

Another few weeks on, they are gaining their adult plumage, with the distinctly creamy yellow colouring typical of the breed.


the young drake at centre has gone on to win best of breed and champion waterfowl honours.

season 2013

Only a few Pekins were produced at koljash this season, but we reckon we're headed in the right direction with this duck.


She displays the posture, loose feathering, short bill and 'mane' associated with the breed.   Limited green feed means the yellow tinge isn't as obvious yet.

Pekin old duck, 2012 in training pen.  She went on to win Champion Heavy Waterfowl at Geelong & District Poultry Club.

2 generations on - 2013 bred ekin duck- showing everything you'd expect in a quality exhibition duck.  Upright stance, loose creamy-yellow plumage, chubby cheeks, short bill and perky tail.  This duck is featured in the 3 images at bottom of page.

day old Pekin ducklings with an Elizabeth companion.  

Season 2012

At left: 2012 bred Pekin .... this bird is indicative of the type and quality of Pekin being bred here.  She was Reserve Champion heavy waterfowl at her 1st showing.  Her brother was Champion heavy waterfowl, and eventual Reserve Bird of Show.