BENDIGO & DISTRICT POULTRY CLUB - Championship Show                             Judge: Harry Williams

              BEST Elizabeth - old duck

                     CHAMPION Light Waterfowl

              RESERVE Champion Light Waterfowl - Elizabeth young Duck 

              CHAMPION Bantam Waterfowl - Silver Appleyard  Miniature old duck (du1)

              RESERVE Champion Bantam Waterfowl - Silver Appleyard Miniature old drake

              CHAMPION Heavy Waterfowl - Pekin young drake (Christian)

                     CHAMPION  WATERFOWL 

MOUNTAIN DISTRICT POULTRY SOCIETY                                                   Judge:  Val Bragg

              BEST Elizabeth - old duck

                     CHAMPION Light Waterfowl

              RESERVE Champion Bantam Waterfowl - Silver Appleyard drake

              CHAMPION Heavy Waterfowl -  young drake (Christian)

                     CHAMPION WATERFOWL

                            RESERVE CHAMPION BIRD OF SHOW

              RESERVE Champion Heavy Waterfowl - young Pekin duck

ESSENDON POULTRY CLUB                                                                         Judge:  Mr Geoff Akers

              BEST Pekin - young drake (Christian)

              RESERVE Champion Light Waterfowl - Elizabeth, old duck 

WIMMERA POULTRY CLUB - Open bird show                                             Judge:   Mr Michael Holmes

              BEST Appleyard Bantam - old duck (du1)

                     CHAMPION Waterfowl Bantam

                            CHAMPION WATERFOWL IN SHOW

              BEST Mallard - young drake

                     RESERVE Champion Waterfowl Bantam

              BEST Elizabeth - young drake (dr1)

                     CHAMPION Waterfowl Light

              BEST Pekin - young drake (Christian)

                     RESERVE Champion Waterfowl Heavy

ROYAL MELBOURNE POULTRY SHOW    Inc. VWA Spectacular                Judges: Mr Danny Benn

                                                                                                                      Mr Ken Watson

              1st place/3 Silver Appleyard Bantam - old drake

              2nd place/5 Elizabeth - young drake (dr1)

              2nd place Breeding pair, any variety bantam duck - Silver Appleyard young pair

                     RESERVE CHAMPION Waterfowl breeding pair.

              3rd place/4 Silver Appleyard Bantam - old duck (du1)

              3rd place/6 Natural Mallard - young drake

              3rd place/5 Elizabeth - young duck 

BALLARAT POULTRY SOCIETY - Open  Show - VWA feature                   Judge:  Mr Charles Jensen

              BEST Silver Appleyard Bantam - Old Duck (du1)

              BEST Elizabeth - young drake (dr1)

                     CHAMPION Light Duck or Drake


VICTORIAN WATERFOWL ASSOCIATION - Young Bird Show                  Judge: Mr Roger Hancock    

              1st/3 Young Drake - Silver Appleyard Bantam;  1st/3 Young Duck - Silver Appleyard Bantam

              BEST Silver Appleyard Bantam - drake

                     CHAMPION Young Bantam Duck or Drake - 71 entries (Call, Appleyard, Mallard)

              1st/15 Young Drake - Elizabeth (dr2);  1st/12 Old Duck - Elizabeth

              BEST Young Elizabeth - Young Drake - 32 entries

                     CHAMPION Elizabeth - 56 entries   (Lance Ruting Perpetual Trophy)

                     CHAMPION Young Light Duck or Drake 

                            RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION Young Waterfowl - 218 entries


CENTRAL VICTORIAN POULTRY CLUB - Inaugural show                        Judge: Mr Ian Nash

              CHAMPION Bantam Duck - Silver Appleyard Miniature old duck (du1)

              BEST Elizabeth - young drake (dr1)

                     RESERVE Champion Waterfowl

                     CHAMPION Rare Breed Waterfowl


GEELONG & DISTRICT Poultry Club - OPEN SHOW                                Judge:  Mr Michael Jones     

              BEST Elizabeth - young Drake (dr2)

                     RESERVE Champion Waterfowl Light Bird - 24 entries (Campbell, Elizabeth, Indian Runner)

                     RESERVE Champion Waterfowl Bird in Show - 53 entries  

              RESERVE Champion Waterfowl Bantam Bird - Silver Appleyard Miniature old duck (du2) -15 entries.


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