WIMMERA POULTRY CLUB - VWA waterfowl feature show                                     Judge:  Kym Hebberman

       BEST - Natural Mallard - old drake (abbott)

       CHAMPION MALLARD - old drake (abbott)

       CHAMPION Bantam Waterfowl - Mallard old drake - (abbot)

JULY 2014

MOUNTAIN DISTRICT POULTRY SOCIETY                                                             Judge:  Charles Jensen

       CHAMPION Bantam waterfowl - natural Mallard old drake (Costy)

       CHAMPION Light waterfowl - Elizabeth young duck (dblue)

              Champion Waterfowl

              Champion multi-coloured or patterned bird

       CHAMPION Heavy waterfowl - Pekin drake (Christian)

              Reserve Champion Waterfowl

ROYAL MELBOURNE POULTRY SHOW                                       Judges: Ken Yonge (bantam) Ray Mathieson (Light)

       SECTION CHAMPIONS -  Blue Fawn Mallard - young duck - sold to L. Edgley, Vic

                                                  Elizabeth - old drake (Elliot)

       RESERVE CHAMPION Waterfowl Breeding Pair - Elizabeth (dr1/dblue)

       OTHER - 1st place natural mallard young duck - sold to S. Moody, Qld.

                       1, 2 and 3 blue fawn Mallard young ducks, 1st blue fawn young drake

                       2nd place Elizabeth young duck,    

                       3rd place Pekin drake (Christian),

                       2nd place internal/external eggs,

                       2nd place bantam waterfowl breeding pair - mallard


JUNE 2014

ESSENDON POULTRY CLUB                                                                             Judge:

       CHAMPION Light Waterfowl - Elizabeth drake (Elliot)

       RESERVE CHAMPION Light Waterfowl - Elizabeth young duck

       CHAMPION Bantam Waterfowl - blue fawn Mallard duck

VWA Inc. SPECTACULAR.                                                                     Judges: Terry Taylor (Qld) & Max French (Tas)

       CHAMPION Blue Fawn Mallard (6)

       CHAMPION Silver Appleyard Bantam (14)

       CHAMPION Elizabeth (24)

              CHAMPION Light Duck or Drake (128 entries - Elizabeth, Indian Runners, Buff Orpington, Campbells, Crested)

       Elizabeth Feature Show  (Judge:  David Kneeshaw)

              CHAMPION ELIZABETH EXHIBIT (Lance Ruting Perpetual Trophy)

              Young Duck: 1, 2, & 3  ( of 9)     Old Drake: 3 (4)      Old Duck: 2 & 3 (7)   total entries:   6/31 

MAY 2014

CENTRAL VICTORIAN POULTRY CLUB   -   Open Show                                                                    Judge:  Len Wills

       Champion Waterfowl - Pekin Drake (Christian)


BALLARAT POULTRY CLUB - Open Show                                                                                  Judge:  James Bishop 

       Champion Mallard - natural young duck