the Shed project

left - existing structure in disrepair.  section on left built by grandfather essentially gutted by white ants.  'newer' section on rhs has wall supports eaten out, and had been used as a 'recycling depot'.  

right - only the roof of the old section remains


left - frontage of complex, before old section removed.


right - down she goes








left - rear of newer complex.  Iron sheeting mostly secured by dirt - railings eaten away.


bottom left -  new timber arrived, last remaing wall still to come down.



right - last wall of older shed gone, roof supports precariously supported while new wall constructed.











left - framework up, ready for iron to go on


right. re-sheeting was relatively straight forward.





What's old is new again. With the exception of  nails, 3 pine posts and wall railings, all materials used were recycled.


left - revamped complex from front.  3 sheds in one.


right - from side, looking through Saxony yard.