PLEASE NOTE - koljash do not currently run Wyandottes on the farm

Silver Laced Wyandotte chooks have always been a favourite due to their spectacular plumage.  They were obtained to use as broody hens and have been outstanding in this role, returning to lay when still brooding three-week-old ducklings.  Like many SLW bantams, they are a 'project' breed to work on.

White wyandotte bantams were added to the koljash collection in Twenty12, sourcing from Macdonald Bros.  They are sure to become firm favourites due to their calm and endearing personalities.  We hope to show these beautiful birds in the coming seasons.

An American breed in origin, and named after an Indigenous American tribe, the Wyandotte was firstly developed in the Silver Laced colour, with many other colour forms following.  Admitted to the American Standard in 1883, the Wyandotte is a universally popular breed, the bantam increasingly so.  Known as a 'bird of curves', alert and active but docile, many of the coloured varieties require double mating ie. a pullet breeder and cockeral breeder.  The SLW bantams at koljash are of the pullet breeder line.

Weights for the bantam as indicated in APS2 is 1.12- 1.14kg for males and 850 - 960 g for the female.